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Social & Economic Development

Date:2020-10-10 16:09

Achievements of Reform and Opening-up     

The government institutional reform has been finished as scheduled.

The business environment has been improved. There are altogether 1.88 million market entities. Innovation has been made in services. The reform has been implemented to separate operating permits and business licenses in a comprehensive way. 95% of the government service applications have been approved without meeting. The “12345” service line for enterprises in Suzhou has been set up. The new-type supervision mechanism with “double random, one publicity” as the basic manner has been carried out, realizing the completion of several inquiries at one stop. 

The Comprehensive Financial Service Platform has worked out over 667.8 billion yuan of financing demand for businesses. The innovation and risk prevention of enterprise bonds have produced a marked effect and commended by the State Council. The foreign trade has maintained overall stability, with import and export reaching 319.1 billion US Dollars in 2019.

Kunshan City and Suzhou Industrial Park have entered the pilot project of Jiangsu Provincial Socialist modernization.

Part of the Statistics of the 2018 National Economy of Suzhou

  Gross Domestic Product: 1.92 trillion yuan

General Public Budget Revenue: reaching 222.18 billion yuan, an increase of 4.8%

Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods: 6088.8 billion yuan

Total Volume of Import and Export: 319.1 billion US Dollars

Actual Use of Foreign Capital: 4.62 billion US Dollars

Total Investment in Fixed Assets: 493.3 billion yuan
Per Capita Disposable Income of Urban Residents: 68,600 yuan

Per Capita Disposable Income of Rural Residents: 35,000 yuan

Total Output Value of Above-scale Industry: 3.36 trillion yuan


     The output of above-scale industrial enterprises came to 3.36 trillion yuan.

 Among them, the output of emerging industry accounted for 53.6%, and that of the four major forerunner industries including the new generation of information technology, bio-medicine, Nano application, and artificial intelligence accounted for 21.8%. Bio-medicine industry has entered the national strategic emerging industry cluster.

 Differentiated policies concerning land-using, energy-using, credit and loan, and pollution discharge have been set up and implemented. The comprehensive evaluation of industrial enterprises has realized full coverage.

     The policies and measures of tax reduction and fee cuts have been put in place, alleviating the cost burden of enterprises by 62 billion yuan. 

     The fourth national economic census has been finished at a high level.