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Date:2019-08-08 14:56

  175,500 people were newly employed in 2018. The registered unemployment rate of the urban residents stood at 1.78%. 19,441 people got self-employed with the support of the government. The employment rate of college graduates coming from Suzhou reached 98.7%.

  The average disposable income of urban residents amounted to 63,500 yuan, while that of rural dwellers reached 32,400 yuan. The standards of minimum wage and minimum living allowance were enhanced to 2020 yuan and 945 yuan per month respectively.

  There are 68,377 beds in various nursing organizations for the elderly in Suzhou. 21,205 affordable housing projects have started their construction.

  72,600 inspection of various foods were carried out in 2018, with a dynamic qualification rate of 98.22%.

  Suzhou is the first in Jiangsu Province to initiate the punishment mechanism for serious breach of faith in food and drug production and marketing. Wuzhong District has been awarded the first demonstration county (district) of network development of qualified grain and oil in China.