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Classical Gardens

Date:2020-10-09 17:24

Over 60 classical gardens are well preserved in Suzhou, among which the Humble Administrator's Garden, the Lingering Garden, the Master-of-nets Garden, the Mountain Villa of Embracing Beauty, the Surging Wave Pavilion, the Lion Grove Garden, the Garden of Cultivation, the Garden of Couple's Retreat and the Garden of Retreat and Reflection are listed in the Catalogue of World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

“Paradise Suzhou · Garden City”Protection Management Project has won the Asian Landscape Award.

The 4thsection of Suzhou Gardens Directory has been published officially, bringing the total number of gardens in Suzhou to 108. Suzhou, “a City of Gardens”, has become “a City of Hundreds of Gardens”.

The largest and most complete overseas Suzhou Garden project, the Garden of Flowing Fragrance (Liu Fang Yuan) was completed in Los Angeles, USA in 2019. Ever since Ming Xuan, modeled on Dian Chun Yi in the Master-of-nets Garden, was built in the US, there have been over 60 overseas projects of Suzhou Gardens. They have become windows to showcase traditional Chinese culture to the world.