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Date:2020-10-09 17:32

Suzhou boasts 13 public libraries,90 museums and 11 cultural stations at the municipal and district levels. There are 16 state-owned and 134 private art troupes in Suzhou, making it the only prefecture-level city in China having a ballet theatre, a symphony orchestra and a Chinese orchestra art at the same time.

In 2019, Suzhou No.2 Library was put into use. The platform of  Cultural Suzhou Cloud came online. Standardized construction of 346 village (community) comprehensive cultural service centers were carried out. Suzhou Design Week and the first Jiangnan Culture and Arts-International Tourism Festival were held successfully. The Suju Opera Guoding Soul won the 16th Wenhua Award. Suzhou History and Suzhou Chorography were published. The restoration project of Keyuan Garden won the cultural heritage protection prize of UNESCO Asia-Pacific Region.

The main operation revenue of cultural industries stood at 606 billion yuan in 2019.