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Date:2020-10-09 17:41

There are 1,682 schools of different varieties and at different levels in Suzhou, among which 26 are colleges and universities. There are 1.958 million students, among whom 249,000 are college and university students. There are 443,400 graduates, among whom 67,400 are higher education graduates. There are 131,000 full-time teachers.

Free online education by famous teachers is available all over Suzhou. Suzhou has entered the development project of national smart education demonstration zone. After-school services have benefited 216,000 high and elementary students.

Nanjing University and Northwestern Polytechnical University have built new campuses in Suzhou. Soochow University Future Campus, Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University Taicang Campus and the second phase project of Duke Kunshan University have initiated the construction.

There are 565 overseas sister schools (including colleges and universities). There are 6 schools for foreign nationals, 1 for Taiwan businessmen, 1 for competent professionals returned from overseas, 7 Sino-foreign schools mainly for higher education, 29 China-foreign cooperative education projects, and the only campus of UWC in China mainland.

80 high, elementary schools and kindergartens were established and put into use in 2019, adding 73,000 education quotas. High schools have continued to expand its enrollment. The 6th National High and Elementary Arts Exhibition and Performance were held successfully.