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Urban Development & Public Services

Date:2020-10-09 17:39

59.78 billion yuan was invested in infrastructure in 2019.

  The total mileage of road reaches 12,000 kilometers, among which 608 kilometers are expressways. The total operation line of Urban Rail Transit (including the trams) amounts to 210.1 kilometers. There are 5,423 buses in operation and 408 bus routes in Suzhou, including 7 inter-provincial ones. New energy buses have fully covered the areas within the inner ring viaduct.

  Rail Transit No.3 has been put into operation. The main structure of the stations along Rail Transit No.5 has been finished. Rail Transits No.7 and No.8 have started construction. The main span of the Yangtze River Bridge along Shanghai-Nantong Railway has been joined. The Intercity Railway along the Yangtze River in Southern Jiangsu has been in construction. The exclusive railway of Taicang Port has started construction.

  The total electricity consumption amounted to 154.45 billion kilowatt-hours in 2019. The total water supply capacity of Suzhou reached 7.325 million tons per day. A total of 1,503 million cubic meters of natural gas from pipeline was supplied in urban areas (excluding Wujiang District). The domestic sewage treatment capacity reached 3.62 million tons per day.

  5,461 5G base stations were built in 2019. The project of Suzhou-Nantong Pipeline Corridor of the 1,000 kilovolt Huainan-Shanghai Line has been finished and put into operation. The space planning information platform of replacing rules with a mater one has won the golden prize of the excellent projects of Chinese geographical information industry.