Provincial Authority Inspects SIP's Preschool Education

Suzhou China (04/26/2013)

On April 22, Jiangsu Province Preschool Education Reform & Development Supervision Team arrived in Suzhou Industrial Park to review local administrative work in the field and provide professional opinions to local decision-makers and educators.

There are at present 43 kindergartens in SIP, including 20 public schools, registering 99.8% admission rate among children aged four to six. In order to cater for increasing population, SIP government keeps increasing the financial input in preschool education and builds kindergartens in new neighborhoods.

In addition to investing in public schools, local authority also encourages the social investment in private preschool facilities and pays close attention to the needs of children from migrant parents and families facing financial challenges, as well as those suffering disabilities and orphans. In SIP, all public and private schools are open to children from both local and non-local families.

The experts recognized the local efforts of respecting the physical and mental development stages of children and avoiding "teaching kids by copying curriculum of primary schools". They also urged the administrative office to cultivate a group of "leaders" in the field of preschool education.


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