Genway I-Park to Break Ground for Phase-3 in Late May

Suzhou China (05/21/2013)

Genway I-Park, a 2.5 industrial park in Suzhou developed by Genway Group, will complete the construction of phase-2 complex at the end of this month and 1.5-billion-yuan phase-3 facility will break ground at the same time. At the completion of the three phases, the park will become a new modern service base in the city with 100 reputable businesses and 30,000 employees.

Located west of Fengli Street and south of Suzhou Road, Genway I-Park covers 283,400 square meters with a total planned construction area of 600,000 square meters. Breaking ground in June 2010, phase-1 facility (63,975-square-meter land and 110,181-square-meter floorage) was delivered in October 2011. The land and floor areas of phase-2 complex are 51,425 and 116,832 square meters respectively, and those of phase-3 complex 168,000 and 400,000 square meters.

The four pillar industries at the park are corporate management consulting, financial data processing, technology R&D, and financial back-office support. It has contracted a dozen international businesses including TE, IBM, Baxter, and CBI, recording total occupancy rate of 70% (50,000 square meters in floor area) within phase-one premises.


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