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Natural Condition

Date:2020-10-09 17:30

Situated at the subtropical zone, Suzhou enjoys a warm and moist monsoon maritime climate. It has four distinctive seasons of which winter and summer are long while spring and autumn are short.Well-known as a Land of Fish and Rice and Silk Capital, Suzhou enjoys the fame as Paradise on Earth.

The city spreads on a low terrain. With rivers and harbors intersecting, lakes and canals densely distributed and a fertile land, Suzhou is rich in a variety of agricultural products. Major crops include rice, wheat, rape, cotton, mulberry and fruits. Its specialties contain loquat, citrus, Chinese chestnut, plum, sweet-scented osmanthus, Biluochun Tea, etc.. Dao Fish from the Yangtze River, Hairy Crab from the Yangcheng Lake, Silver Fish, White Fish and White Shrimp from the Taihu Lake, etc. are famous aquatic products.

City Flower & City Tree

The city flower is osmanthus flower.

The city tree is camphor tree.